Wednesday, June 29, 2011

gackt reactor

So this exists entirely for me to ramble on, like it appears, about stuff I watched today (though in short amounts) and as a place to showcase my ever-growing Youmu image folder. She has absolutely nothing to do with the actual content, but deal with it. So here we go.
First: Texhnolyze 1-3: I went into this show knowing only a few things: Madhouse and GRIMDARK. Seems so far I've been pretty correct. The plot is totally incomprehensible early on, and it moves at a snail's pace, but it's not uninteresting. Plenty of cyber-Yakuza, dismemberment, and naked buff men to keep it interesting.

Steins;Gate 13: This show's pretty great. That's why I'm a little bit sad to see it turn into every other show ever made named Groundhog Day. That's right. It's Steins;Groundhog.

ARIA the Animation 4-5: I've already watched this series through and read the manga twice. It's pretty much my favorite series, and anything I could say about it would be stupid rambling of a fan. I know you don't want to read that.

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